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We started rolling out a preview of a  new tool we’re calling Interests. There, people can explore personalized interests designed to help them find Pins they like.

For example, if someone’s into traveling, we might show them specific travel Pins, like travel in New York City. To see your own interests, visit Pinterest on your desktop browser and select “Preview! Explore Interests” in the categories menu. Your interests on Pinterest change over time, just like they do in real life. We’ll be rolling this out to mobile and everyone around the world soon.

There’s lots for brands and businesses to get excited about, too.

Before, the billions of Pins on Pinterest were organized into just a handful of broad categories, like Gardening or Men’s Fashion. Interests offer a new form of discovery that helps people find content based on niche interests, like vertical gardens or ties.

That means it’s even more important to make sure your images are visually striking and include relevant keywords in their descriptions. Also, it’s a good idea to get Rich Pins, which show off extra information right on the Pin. We use some of this metadata to figure out which Pins belong to different interests.

We’ve seen a positive response to Interests so far, and we think it’ll help brands get even more exposure on Pinterest.

This is just the beginning of our effort to make Pinterest as relevant as possible for each person—stay tuned for more!

—Sadia Latifi, currently Pinning to Nice Pair